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Rhio is a singer and author, as well as an investigative reporter in the area of health and environmental issues. Rhio is of Hungarian-Cuban descent, raised in the U.S., but completely fluent in Spanish. Her first book, Hooked on Raw, is about living a life more closely aligned with nature by adopting a raw/live food lifestyle.The 358-page book also covers many reasons for making these healthy lifestyle changes, as well as more than 350 simple and gourmet raw recipes in all categories.

Rhio is considered an expert in the area of Raw and Living Foods, and is an activist against GMO’s and companies who are destroying the environment. Her website is

As a vocalist, Rhio has appeared on over 50 radio and TV shows. Her current jazz album Sunshine Girl is available on Amazon, and most other music buying sites. Check out Rhio’s music website at