Jamie McDonald

Nobody likes asking it; nobody likes answering it. It somehow feels invasive and prying despite the fact that it’s what we spend most of our lives doing. I spent the last decade working as a hedge fund manager in London and New York, and so I had more reason than most not to look forward to begin asked, ‘So, what do you do?’. There’s a stigma attached to most jobs, but I think even a little more so when it comes to jobs on Wall Street. Having left the world of finance behind me to explore TV and radio, I decided to start this show which brings on guests who have avoided the more well trodden path of working for a big firm and have instead had success doing their own thing. I ask them if this was always their intention, how easy or difficult it was and find out more about where they are today. Many of us would love to be a little braver about going it alone in the corporate world, but so infrequently can we hear about such success stories that have achieved just that; and this is the aim of the programme. During the interview I’ll also be asking my guests what films, books and music mean a lot to them and why, just so we get a more rounded view of the person behind the voice. I’m Jamie McDonald and welcome to ‘So, what do you do?’. Thanks for listening.